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Susan Pham, APRN

Susan Pham


Licensed Esthetician

Dr. Quintin Law

Dr. Quintin Law

Quintin O Law, MD is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Specialist with more than 30 years of practice and expertise.  This experience includes advanced training, skills and experience in Aesthetic cosmetic skin procedures, concierge care and comprehensive general medical consulting.  Once again available as an independent/private practice and ready to serve as your comprehensive advocate for medical advice without corporate bias or interference.  
Education and training
-Medical degree, Creighton University School of Medicine, Cum Laude.
-General Internal Medicine Internship, National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland
-Internal Medicine Residency, The Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, Externship at Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL in The Hypertension Clinic.  Board Certified Internal Medicine (ABIM) since 1990. 
-Aerospace Medicine Graduate, Naval Aerospace Medical Institute, Pensacola, FL.  Proudly served as Flight Surgeon for the USN/USMC.  
-Clinical Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, FSU College Medicine since inception of the Pensacola Regional Campus.
Aesthetic/Cosmetic procedure training, including hands-on training with a local, double-board-certified specialist, plus comprehensive aesthetic/cosmetic procedure training at multiple national workshops.  
Medical Director with Redefyne Medical Spa, Pensacola, FL

Medical Care Philosophy
Medical care and treatment requires a very special, trusting relationship between a patient and their specialist.  This relationship is damaged by political and corporate interference.  My office is not an arena for sociopolitical info-gathering and social engineering.  I believe God has given me a mandate to serve him by using my talents as an advocate for my patients.  This mandate does not include profiteering or using disinformation and manipulation of my patients.  It does require diligent, scholarly research and analysis to provide my patients unbiased information about state-of-the-art medical care option to achieve a degree of comfort with their choices. 
Aesthetic/cosmetic medical procedures also require a special, trusting relationship, strengthened by helping clients make informed, intelligent decisions as they explore options for controlling or reversing many signs of aging. I believe most clients feel better and function better if the image in the mirror matches how they feel inside.  How many times has your energy been affected by  unexpected signs of aging in your mirror as you prepare to face the world each day.  
In order to respond to patient demand/needs, I am scheduling appointments with new and previously-established patients in 2 offices.  Insurance credentialing is underway but currently, all services are pay-as-you-go. Let me know if you would like me to email you information about payment options. A wide range of services are available at both offices.  Video visits are also available for acute illness or if travel to my office creates risk or hardship.

204 Center St., Gulf Breeze, FL, where our area of expertise is general internal medicine consulting.  Please bring a copy of your most recent office visit from your primary care provider and a copy of any recent test results you wish to discuss.  Refills, referrals, test orders/interpretation and all other services are only provided at the time of a paid visit, unless you prepaid our facility fee.
875 E
9 Mile Rd. Suite 6, Pensacola, FL, where our level of expertise is Aesthetic/Cosmetic treatments but medical consulting is also available here if convenient for you.

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